Meet the Author

Joan Deppa

I was raised in Minnesota in a Christian home with nine brothers and one sister.  I was the second oldest and the only girl for eighteen years, so helped a lot with the cooking, cleaning, gardening and taking care of my younger siblings.  I didn’t mind it for the most part and it was good training for my future.  I enjoyed the gardening and canning, and it definitely came in handy with a large family.  We were actively involved with Sunday School, Church, youth group and summer camp, and it was a great foundation for us as we grew up.  I was about age ten when I became a Christian and I dedicated my life to Christ at summer camp as a teenager.  I felt that God might be calling me to be a pastor’s wife.  My grandmother was a pastor’s wife, but I didn’t think I would ever be as good as her, or other pastor’s wives I knew.  I thought sure I had misunderstood.


But when my husband proposed to me, and I knew he felt called to be a pastor and go to Bible School, I knew God wasn’t kidding.  He had a lot of changing to do in my heart, and through the good times and bad, we learned to trust in God and saw Him work in many ways.  We had four children, three boys and one girl.  They were a true blessing to us and we enjoyed doing things together and spent a lot of time going to parks, biking and taking hikes when they were young.  We made mistakes in our marriage and as parents, but thank God for His forgiveness, and that He asks us to forgive one another also.  His grace is sufficient!   The thing I miss the most when our children grew up and left home was the laughter.  But now they have blessed us with eleven grandchildren, so we enjoy the times when we can get together, laugh and enjoy being with them again.  But the thing I am most grateful for, is the almost forty-six years I have had with my wonderful husband, Jerry, for “I found the one my heart loves.  I held him and would not let him go.” (Song of Solomon 3:4)


I have been a wife, mother and pastor’s wife for many years now, but have started a new adventure.  I am an author.  They say you should write about what you know, so that’s what I have done.  I had wanted to write a novel sooner but didn’t know what or how.  But when I came home from my dad’s funeral, and after a March snow storm that left everything white and clean, Whiter than Snow was born.  It’s based on some of my dad’s past, as well as my husband’s, his salvation experience and our courtship, though it takes place in Upper Michigan instead of Minnesota, as that’s where we were living at the time I wrote the book.  We have counseled a lot of people over the years who have been hurt by the pain of divorce, as well as experienced it ourselves when my parents, as well as one of our sons went through a divorce.  It causes a lot of pain of rejection, insecurities and fears that only Christ can heal, so that is the theme for my second book, Summer Dreams.  My third book, Autumn Discoveries, deals with another issue I had to face, which is the high expectations of being a pastor’s wife.  However, we found that this issue isn’t just one that I faced, for many people deal with high expectations placed on them by their parents, bosses, and peers.  So, it is universal.


Maybe you can relate to some of these experiences.  I have tried to make my books a fun-read, shared many of the things we loved about living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but most of all shared the hope we have in Christ.  Our God is a forgiving and gracious Father, for which I am very grateful.  I hope you will be encouraged, inspired and feel loved as you read my books.

Whiter than Snow

Whiter than Snow